Modern and Traditional. An Easy Balance.

16 Mar

No iconic red dairy barn and Midwest farmhouse passed down through the generations here, yet our heritage breed livestock are raised using the best of Old World and modern sustainable farming practices, in their natural state and in balance with the earth.

Following the practices of permaculture and sustainable agriculture, we’re seeking to build a natural farm ecosystem here on our little smallholding, where everything is recycled back into the system to enrich the soil and fuel future growth.

Our sheep, horses and poultry fertilize the soil. Poultry aerate the pastures and eat the parasites and bugs. Windfall from the orchard trees and excess from the gardens provide succulent treats for the livestock. Native wildflowers and perennials draw the bees and bugs that pollinate the fruits and vegetables. Trees and evergreens provide shade and wind block. Modern facilities, along with access to years of cutting edge research and implementation of small-scale organic and sustainable systems, inject deliberateness, scientific method and measures of our success.

Through this mix of old and new practices, we offer to you healthy and delicious heritage lamb and luxurious wool, raised without antibiotics and hormones, pastured on pesticide- and herbicide-free pastures, and fed non-medicated grains.

Please browse our site and meet our little flock!

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