Nursemaid Freckles

28 Feb

does this look normal?

Yes, that’s a calf in the truck, riding in the back seat like a dog. He just seemed too little to ride in the back of the truck where he’d flop all around. He’s our latest addition to help me manage all of the milk Freckle’s produces that I don’t always have time to make cheese/yogurt/butter with.

We put him in the stall with Freckles and she looks and snorts in disgust, like “Another one? Give me a break.” But she lets him nurse all the same, like she could care less. I guess what’s one more calf when you’ve already had three nursing on you at various points over the past six months!


One Response to “Nursemaid Freckles”

  1. Jezebel July 19, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    Looks like something I would do. My first calf, I rode home in the trailer with because she seemed to small to be back there by herself (riding in a trailer is not something I would recommend!)

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