Lamb for Sale

To order, please call (608) 886-8801, send an email to, or use the order form below. Provide your name and contact information and enter your order into the text box. We provide free delivery to your home within 30 miles of our farm for orders over $100.

We offer the highest quality of lean, grass-fed and humanely raised lamb and goat, cut to your specifications. Turnaround from the time of your order to delivery is 1-2 weeks. Our farm is not certified organic, but we do raise our livestock according to organic and sustainable farming principles. Our sheep are free-range year round, fed limited amounts of non-medicated, vegetarian grain along with plenty of hay in the cold winter months, and are fed no antibiotics or hormones. Our animals are allowed to be animals, and to eat what nature intended them to eat.

Pricing for 2015:

Navajo Churro Lamb


Whole Lamb: 20-30 lbs of chops, shanks, shoulder, rack, roasts, legs (packaged weight)

$6.25/lb + $90 butcher fee

Half Lamb: 10-15 lbs of chops, ground, shanks, shoulder roast, leg (packaged weight)

$6.75/lb + $45 butcher fee

Smoked legs, brats and sausages also available – contact us for details. 

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