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Young, post-modern farmers

24 Mar

A healthy new lamb

21 Mar

Another ewe lamb! This one is white/natural color with an auburn spot on the back of her neck and tips of her ears. She is the first lamb out of the first lamb born on our farm last year.

our first white lamb!

purebred Churro ewe lamb

Little lambies

16 Mar

We thought we could get a cute photo of Alice in an empty water tank surrounded by our early crop of lambs, but their crying for their mamas caused Alice to cry, and so we just have shots of panicked lambs and a crying girl. Oh well.

Our nine lambs continue to do great, however! Another ewe is due to drop any day now, three could be lambing anytime this spring, and six to eight more are due in June.

Columbus photobombing in the background

Our black and white flock

Oops! One jumped out!

Lots of ewe lambs, and one baby boy

7 Mar

We’ve had four sets of twins and one single so far, and just one ram in the bunch! Four are black, four solid white and one badger face/black & brown. So so terribly cute! They were loving the warm weekend weather, lots of sunbathing snoozing.

Interestingly, our black Navajo Churro ram, Payton, has thrown four of six black lambs, with one white and one badger (black & brown). We recently purchased a white ram, Wo-Chi, so maybe we’ll end up with a flock of furry Holstein-looking sheep!

E. Friesian/Churro crosses - twin ewes four & five

Purebred Churros - ewe lambs six & seven!

Purebred Churros - ewe #8 and ram #1!

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