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A year ago

14 Nov

A year ago this month we purchased our house and 6 acres. We now have 17 sheep, a dairy cow, a pony, a coop full of chickens and turkeys and a couple cats! Along with a brand new barn and miles of fencing. And now we have our lamb and wool for sale!

These photos are from last winter, but they’re so darn cute, and they show what beautiful fleeces our little Churros have. Along with my daughter’s adorable smile! We’re not far from having this much snow again…

Feeding time

Our foundation Churros - Paz, Hernanda & Damita

First offerings of raw wool

12 Nov

For spinners and crafters — I have bags of raw wool for sale: Cotswold, Navajo Churro, and a little bit from my East Friesian/Border Leicester crosses. There’s a variety of natural colors, off-white, tan/brown, and black. You can read more about the breeds and wool characteristics here and here and here.

Here’s what I currently have for sale:
— 1 skirted & washed black Navajo Churro fleece – $12/lb.
— 1 skirted, unwashed tan/brown Navajo Churro fleece – $10/lb.
— 1 skirted, unwashed natural/off-white Border Leicester/E. Friesian fleece – $8/lb.

And I have a number of unwashed, un-skirted fleeces:
— 3 natural/off-white Cotswold fleeces – $8/lb. (these are beautiful curly locks, but greasy)
— 7 natural & tan/brown Navajo Churro fleeces – $8/lb.
— 2 natural Navajo Churro lamb fleeces – $6/lb. (have curly tips)

I will be slowly working through these, skirting and washing them, so gradually they will be bumped up to the top list. If you’re looking for a larger quantity of washed or skirted wool than I currently have available, let me know and I can speed up my work. Our sheep are pastured year round and we sheer twice a year due to the Churros and Cotswold long staple length. Our spring fleeces tend to have more vegetable matter in them due to hay feeding over the winter, so some of the above prices will be adjusted accordingly.

I also have some small bags of unwashed, partially felted, wild Navajo Churro locks for felting, doll hair, etc. – $3/oz. The Churro wool is wonderful for felting, outer knitwear and rug weaving.

I’m willing to bargain on some of the prices, particularly if you’re looking to buy larger quantities, and I’m happy to mail 1 oz samples at no charge. I can also email some photos. Every fleece is fully refundable/exchangeable if you aren’t satisfied. What I don’t sell before January will be sent out for processing into yarn, so if that’s what you’re interested in, please let me know and I’ll contact you when I have some in.

Thanks for looking and happy crafting!

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