The guessing game

16 Mar

Are they pregnant or not?

Today was shearing day, meaning not only do I now have mounds of wool to process and play with, but we can see udders! For experienced shepherds that might not be a big deal, but for for newbies like us it makes a big difference in figuring out how close our little ewes are to lambing, or even if they’re pregnant at all.

Last week was fear and elation upon hearing from the vet that she thinks all five of our ewes are bred. Today, however, looking at our little deflated ewes without their woolly coats, we’re thinking a little differently. Three certainly seem to have bulging bellies and growing udders. A couple others, not so much. All is well though. Whether there are 2 or 10 lambs in the coming weeks, we’re loving tending to our little flock.

Now, if only our bully Friesian would stop butting our friendliest little Churro, Hernanda.

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