And another!

8 Jun

This time it’s April, Honey’s ewe lamb from last year, who just had a single ram lamb! We were told she was due the end of April from the breeder we bought her from in March…a month and a week later Christmas Dinner was born…(kidding, sort of)

This makes 4 lambs this year – 2 rams, 2 ewes, all singles. None of these are keepers — all designated for slaughter –which is what we expected, but they will give us a great sampling of the various breeds we will hopefully be offering for sale next year. Churro and Friesian/Border Leicester crosses.

Also, a few weeks back now, our Cotswold ram, who’s been out with the whole flock for the past 6 weeks (and will probably stay there throughout the summer), was getting busy with one of our Churro ewes who ended up not being pregnant this year. That should be a really interesting cross — the courser, no-crimp wool and lean meat of the Churro, with the more marbled meat and fine wool ringlets of the Cotswold. It also means our entire flock right now is a-seasonal, maybe with the two Cotswold ewes being the exception — meaning we could have lambs year round if we wanted to stagger it that way.

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